26 July 2012

What goes ha ha bonk?

A man laughing his head off.

The Ha Ha Bonk Book was one of my favourites as a kid. I'm pretty sure you could test me on any of the jokes in here and I'd be able to give you the punchline. For example:

What's green and has 10 million legs? (Answer at the end of the post.)

Anyway. I realised two things this week as I wrote a laughing diary in response to Anne Hendler's blog challenge: (1) my sense of humour hasn't changed very much in the last 20 years; and (2) describing something funny without totally killing it is really difficult. Which is why, I suppose, people so often end their anecdotes with, 'Um yeah, you had to be there'. I apologise in advance for all the had-to-be-there stories coming up.

1. I discovered that G keeps a secret collection of emergency sticks of varying lengths and widths in the garden.

2. Naked ping-pong. Funny for all the obvious reasons, and a few more.

Jumping spider by G. His awesome
macro photography blog is here.
3. Jumping spiders are exhibitionists. Point a camera at them and they pose. No, seriously.

4. I don't think Fawlty Towers has aged very well, but this ('Sorry to have kept you' at 02:06) made me chuckle.

5. Friday night beers with friends at Jambu.

6. Context: Sarawakians are rubbish at parking (they generally do it diagonally across two spaces until the car park is full then double/triple park on main roads and roundabouts). Event: no spaces outside the bank. G decides to 'park like a local' and pulls up right by the entrance. I get out, and turn round to see that he can't get out of his door because he's parked against an unseen water pipe. Locals look on in amusement at his rubbish parking. G moves car.

7. In McDonalds an elderly couple put their tray down next to us and go off to get sauce. We speculate about hopping to their table, tucking into their meals and being all Huh? when they come back.

8. Seeing this quote on Twitter:

'It is in the treatment of trifles that a person shows what they are' - Arthur Schopenhauer

I know it's not that kind of trifle, but HA HA HA.

'Do you have any bottled water?'
9. Our local 7-Eleven needs to send its staff on a basic  merchandising course (see left).

10. Monday night beers with friends at Ruai.

11. We gave a two-day teacher training workshop this week. Our district education officer completely failed to send the invitation letters, but managed to send an unsolicited carload of curry puffs 15 minutes after the break had ended and everyone had bought food in the canteen. Tres Sarawak.

12. At the workshop, my colleague Maria was talking about realia: 'So if you're teaching fork, you could bring in a fork. If you're teaching carrot, you could bring in a carrot'. One of my mentees called out, 'If you're teaching elephant...'

13. Workshop participants made a poster of things they could control in their classrooms including flowers, curtains and the shoe rack (see below). I'm laughing again as I'm typing this.

14. On Wednesday we were discussing an article about penguins maybe having co-existed with dinosaurs, and I suddenly remembered that the Crystal Palace dinosaurs existed. If you're ever in London I heartily recommend a visit. They were the first dinosaur statues in the world, 'now considered out of date and to varying degrees inaccurate' (Wikipedia's rather gentle, euphemistic description).

15. An exchange on Twitter with @michaelegriffin and @kevchanwow about toilets. Puerile.

16. Peanut the kitten going mad with a beaded curtain. Peanut the kitten in general.

17. Saying 'Dark Knight Rises Prizes!' lots of times yesterday while waiting to watch the film (it's from a local radio station phone-in).

18. As we were leaving the cinema yesterday, two grown men were riding the escalator down, then up, then down, then up. God knows Kuching can feel a bit short of entertainment options sometimes, but there's a cinema right there that's showing Batman for $3. I'd have bought them tickets myself, but they really seemed to be having a great time.

Grass. It was a mistake about the legs.


  1. Laura,

    Funny how our sense of humor doesn't really change all that much. I kind of realized the same thing when I was writting up my own laughing journal. #1, #12, #16, and #18 made me laugh out loud. Something about the phrase, "Peanut the kitten," just struck me as hilarious. And I'm still at a loss why the sticks have the be kept a secret.

    Thanks for a laugh-filled read,


  2. Thank you so much for sharing your laughs. Thanks also for contributing to my laughs this week. There was so much I had to leave out of my own diary because I just couldn't figure out how to explain it to someone who wasn't in my head at the time. You did a great job of letting the funnies be funny. If anyone ever brings an elephant to class, please take a picture.

  3. Thanks so much for challenging us, lizzieserene, and thanks both of you for sharing your diaries. I think they give away quite a lot about us as people ;) A weird little part of me thought about doing the same thing for stuff that bothers me over the course of a week so I can actually do something about it - but I think it would be too negative a process! I might repeat the laughing diary though next time I'm feeling a bit grumpy...